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Joining the Uptown Optimist Club ::

An Optimist is...
a volunteer joining a group of civic-minded men and women banded together in the modern tradition for progressive thought and action in community service. Community service is their byword, objective and creed, recognizing that they must contribute something to the life of the community from which they and their families draw daily benefits. There is no greater opportunity for personal participation in community affairs and service than that to be found in an Optimist Organization. Each organization assures a position of strength and prestige through its affiliation with Optimist International, a federation of groups of like-minded Optimists throughout Canada, the United States and the World.

An Optimist does…
whatever needs doing in the community. If a need exists or if something will help the community, Optimists usually do something about it. Optimists joining together perform a wide variety of services to the Youth of their communities, thus our motto “Friend of Youth.”

An Optimist Volunteer is…
One, who develops Optimism as a philosophy of life, One, who promotes an active interest in good government and civic affairs, One, who inspires respect for law, One, who promotes patriotism and works for the good of International accord and friendship among all peoples, One, who aids and encourages the development of our Youth, in the belief that the giving of oneself is the service to others, will enhance the well being of humankind, community life and the world.

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